The Journey.

Clear, ongoing direction and concise First Year Experience communication.

The Map.

Not a franchise. An affordable, entrepreneurial opportunity with clear ROI.

The Ticket.

You’re driving, making the when-where-and-how to work decisions for your market.

The Driver.

You’ve arrived because local businesses want to buy what you’re selling.

The Destination.

TravelHost® consists of a network of independent entrepreneurs known as TravelHost Owners. Our Owners are sales and marketing pros who love the independence of making their own decisions and running their own business.

TravelHost Owners are provided with a system of comprehensive, behind-the-scenes support such as: print, digital/social advertising, and strong media support. Our TravelHost Owners introduce vacationers and business travelers to local places to visit, stay, eat, shop, play, and have fun!

TravelHost is a low investment business opportunity for advertising/media sales pros. As a TravelHost Owner, you have the time and freedom to focus on selling and acquiring more customers that can lead to a substantial personal income.

I got involved with TravelHost because at heart I am a Sales Rep. I want to help entrepreneur’s take advantage of the best business opportunity in the U.S.

Bill Schroeder

CEO/President, TravelHost

I have been a part of TravelHost for 37 years. I have the freedom to build my own business, be involved in the community and to make a difference.

Ina Lee

Publisher, TravelHost Fort Lauderdale

A Flexible, Focused and Lucrative Business

TravelHost is a business opportunity not a franchise, so TravelHost Owners pay no royalty and have complete control of their business, working when and where they choose.

Our all-inclusive production support reduces your risk and gives you time to focus on growing your business, selling advertising, building business relationships, and improving the local travel and tourism industry.


TravelHost allows you the freedom and flexibility to own your own business and be in control of your future. As an independent business owner, you will be able to balance your family and your career to earn a solid income.

Jim Jackman, Publisher Denver/Pikes Peak


As a TravelHost publisher, you will launch yourself directly into one of the nation’s leading industries… travel and tourism… where you enjoy an independent lifestyle and recognition that comes with being your community’s travel ambassador.

Eli Mertens, Publisher Lexington/Bluegrass

Financial Freedom

TravelHost is the perfect business opportunity for smart, motivated, competitive and driven entrepreneurs who want to be their own boss while taking charge of their financial security. Do you want to leave the grind and be your own boss?

Ramon Johnston, Publisher West Texas

Ready to speak with someone to evaluate your first steps? Contact us today and set up a chat with a TravelHost Business Development Professional or call (469) 299-5430 x101.

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