Amidst the explosion of the internet, social media and digital technology, there are some nasty rumors going around that print advertising is dead. If this is your particular view, you are sadly mistaken, plus risk alienating a large proportion of your target audience.

In our 2016 digital world, print advertising still has its place and has some undeniable benefits in comparison to its digital counterparts.

Credibility: Advertising in print seems to possess a higher level of legitimacy and trustworthiness compared to online advertising which is riddled with web-based spam and scams. Trade-It is a trusted and well regarded local publication. Readers are more likely to trust the information it offers, and the advertisements reap the benefits of this trust. Psychologists refer to this type of trust transfer, where the positive qualities of one thing influence the perception of another, as the “Halo Effect”.

Branding: Advertising in print is a powerful tool in strengthening the identity of your brand. It’s a permanent visual display of all that you stand for including your brand logo, message, and offerings leaving a long lasting impression on readers. With Trade-It you have the control to decide the size, content and category your ad will appear. This enables you to influence who your ad reaches i.e. the readers most likely to act on it.

Target Marketing: Trade-It is your local classifieds paper. Serving only your local area, its’ readers are your potential customers and clients, compared to web advertising which offers no guarantee that ads will be viewed by your target audience.

More Engaging: When watching TV or surfing the web, it’s all too easy to ignore, skip or simply leave the room during advertisements. On the other hand, readers of newspapers and magazines actively and intentionally engage with material on the page, and that includes the advertisements!

To create optimum brand recognition and expose your business to as many eyes as possible, you must combine effective online and print advertising. Only then can you fully reap the rewards and stand out from the crowd. Advertising in print in Trade-It is your biggest ally – Allowing you to get your business in front of an audience of serious, local customers portraying the message you want, when you want, to the market you want.


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