What’s Stopping Me?

Is this a question you have asked yourself? What was it in relation to? Job? Buying a house? Party RSVP? Regardless of the “what”, the “why” is more often than not FEAR. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear for fear’s sake. Our brains are wired to protect ourselves and if we do not expose any part of us then we think that we will be ok.

The problem with that thought process is the opportunity cost. How much did we miss out on because we were afraid? Could we have received a bigger salary if we actually asked for it? Could the price we paid for the house been lower if we negotiated? I am sure you can come up with multiple scenarios in which fear overcame you and the results of your inaction were less than desirable.

When starting a new business, fear is an ever present emotion. Fear of failure despite having all the information to make the best educated decision you can. You can have spreadsheets, plans, strategy and support but if fear is greater than those items then you will be stuck and other emotions will come into the picture. Stress is typically that next emotion. You are now stressed because your current situation is less than ideal and you are stressed that you have not started that next project or taken that next step in your career path.

At TravelHost we do a number of things to reduce the fear and stress of running your own multi-media business. These are routine to us but can be overwhelming as you begin your journey into sole ownership of a business. The following list was built to reduce the amount of fear and stress that happens when leaving corporate America and venturing out on your own.

  1. FYE (First Year Experience) – A step-by-step plan that will help take you from the start of ordering pens to running multi-media campaigns for your clients.
  2. Creative Assistance – We have a creative team that will help you build ads for your advertisers if they cannot. This is not just print ads but also digital display and social media ads.
  3. Publication Builder – Our proprietary software makes building your magazine as easy as drag and drop.
  4. Digital Operations – No need to worry about hiring a web developer, a mobile app builder or a team of digital geniuses to run campaigns. TravelHost provides that for you.
  5. Sales Training – With a network of 50 publishers we have the ability to gather best practices and provide that to you via one-on-one calls as well as monthly webinars.

This is a sampling of the support that we provide so that you can work on selling and running your own business.

Do not let fear stop you from creating a better future.


Which Do You Choose?

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Jason Bahamundi

VP Sales and Marketing at TravelHost
I have spent my entire career in the multi-media industry with experience in broadcast/cable TV, Radio, Print and Digital. Developing and executing a marketing strategy is my passion, but not my only passion as evidenced by my Instagram page. I love cooking and fueling my body for endurance sports through a plant-based diet. When I am not working on multi-media marketing, swimming, biking, running and cooking I can be found sharing laughs with my wife and step-son.

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