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Work-Life Balance. When I hear that phrase I immediately think of Student-Athlete, maybe that is because Clemson just played Alabama in the College Football National Championship game. Or maybe it is because people tend to believe that you cannot have both. I disagree with the idea that these are mutually exclusive.

In college sports there are student-athletes that graduate in 3 years (ie. Deshaun Watson) and most likely because they put their head down and did the work they needed to do. Maybe Mr. Watson plays a decade in the NFL or maybe he fizzles out after a couple years, either way he was able to work on the student-athlete balance to the point of graduating early and winning an NCAA Championship.

As we grow and mature we start to lose sight of that balance. The work-life balance tends to get thrown out the window and work takes over life. I learned my lesson early on in my career that in order for me to be a great employee and leader I need to have a life. I failed miserably but the lesson was not lost on me. Surrounding myself with great people in both work situations as well as in life situations would force me to be better all around. Why? As Jim Rohn says, we are the average of the 5 people we interact with the most. Those people taught me that balancing work and life outside of work was important to be better at both.

When a person decides to start a business with TravelHost it is typically under one of three reasons or a combination of them all. One reason is to have the ability to be your own boss and set your own goals/schedules. A second reason is to be in charge of your financial future. The third reason is to be involved in the community in which they are operating their business. Being able to mold and shape those three components allows for a TravelHost owner to achieve work-life balance.

Running a TravelHost business is hard work, it requires dedication and discipline. It requires imagination and motivation. Business owners have to have a tough skin and be able to take rejection and failure because not everything is going to turn up roses. The difference is that they are now capable of working with their own decisions versus somebody else’s. Imagine for a moment, the ability to take your kid to school in the morning, making sales calls and having lunch with clients then picking up your kids after school and enjoying a family dinner without the pressure of having to enter that sales activity into a CRM for a sales manager to pick apart and conduct 1:1s with you.

I am not saying that running a business on your own means that you have no responsibilities, since you have them all now, but you can run that business around your schedule so that you can achieve the desired work life balance. Creating a plan and strategy to execute while staying organized is going to help you reach the balance that is desired. Surrounding yourself with the proper support, to help ensure that the strategy and plan are headed in the right direction is, important. We have a team at TravelHost headquarters that works with the independent owners to help them monitor that path. This allows the owners to not be alone but also able to create a balance between running a business and having a life.

As a publisher with TravelHost the lines can also blur to the point that work IS life. Imagine for a moment that a unique restaurant in your town is a client. Going to dinner at the restaurant and chatting with your client is ‘work’ but you are also enjoying an evening out. Take a few pictures, post them to Facebook and/or Instagram and your work has now become social.

Being a TravelHost publisher allows entrepreneurs to achieve that goal of work-life balance with financial freedom and the opportunity to be an ambassador for their hometown.

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