Recently, the United States won the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup with a 2-0 victory over the Netherlands. As these women advanced through the tournament and into the championship game, it became clear that they not only had a game plan but had trained extensively for this moment in time.

Starting a new business is much like training for sports. Success is only found after hard work, dedication—and perhaps a pitfall or two. In this blog post, we’re going to look at the correlation between training for sports and starting a new business. We’ll see what business owners can learn from athletes who push themselves to their very limits and beyond.

Have a Game Plan

Before Megan Rapinoe and her U.S. Women’s Soccer teammates celebrated in victory, they had a game plan of how they were going to get from the start of the tournament on through to the very end. They reviewed videotapes of the competitors and practiced complicated plays until they were confident in their strategies.

Starting a new business requires the same effort of planning. It’s just not enough to hang your proverbial shingle and call yourself a business owner. You have to have a game plan, a business plan, something that clearly defines how you intend to get from start to finish.


Passion is the reason athletes wake up at 5 am every morning and train until they’re physically exhausted. It’s what motivates them to overcome their limitations and push themselves to greater heights. Starting a business requires just as much passion.

Once the proverbial honeymoon period and excitement of working for yourself wears off, you’ll quickly find yourself in the day-to-day trenches of running your business. Having passion is what will keep you going, motivated, and moving as you grow your business.

Endurance and Pacing

Jason Bahamundi is 45 years old and a vice president of sales and marketing. He recently won the privilege of competing in the Western States Endurance Run. His physical and mental endurance will be put to the test as he runs the 100-mile trail race through some of the most rugged terrain imaginable.

Much like a distance runner, a new business owner needs to keep his or her physical and mental endurance in mind at all times. While there might be the temptation to go full speed ahead and work 12-hour days, there is also the genuine risk of burnout.

Whether you’re running 100 miles or trying to grow your business, if you set a pace and stick to it, you’ll quickly realize that you’ll be able to accomplish your goals and surmount any challenges in your path.

Definition of Success

There are many different definitions of success in sports. For Jason, success is completing the prestigious and grueling 100-mile run. He openly admits that he can’t beat Jim Walmsley’s record-setting 14:30-pace, but that didn’t discourage him from participating in the race anyway.

When it comes to starting a new business, you should define success as a series of milestones. Much like Jason, choose a goal that’s realistic and within reach. Once you hit that goal, you can then move the milestone marker down the proverbial road a bit and challenge yourself to improve upon your performance and hit another challenging goal.

Starting a New Business with TravelHost

There are many significant parallels between training for sports and starting a new business. The most important one is that success comes after hard work. If you’re ready to take control over your future and embark upon a journey of building a business that will last for decades, then TravelHost might be right for you.

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