Given the choice, most people would choose independence over dependence. After all, depending on someone or something else implies a lack of ability to govern oneself. But independence doesn’t just happen. It comes with responsibility, just as ownership does. You could say independence and ownership have a lot in common.

The dictionary defines Ownership as “the state of fact of being an owner; legal right of possession; proprietorship.”

Independence is defined as “freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.” 

Being an Owner and enjoying the state of Ownership carries with it a long list of must-haves. For instance, a responsible, successful Owner must:

  • Be a positive decision maker
  • Own mistakes as well as successes
  • Be accountable for their actions
  • Be willing to serve a purpose
  • Be committed to succeeding and sharing the success
  • Love and respect their work
  • Have a natural desire to serve

With such compelling characteristics, an Owner can easily acquire the Independence to:

  • Be free for greater self-discovery
  • Connect with people and create new customers
  • Fly solo but never entirely alone
  • Choose which challenges to take on
  • Guide others without dictating
  • Develop a natural charisma that comes with self-confidence

TravelHost Owners have found lasting independence in an easy-to-love business that allows them to set their own level of financial freedom. From expert sales pros to young entrepreneurs who want a home based business, TravelHost Owners run the gambit of sales success stories.

And even if you have limited sales experience, with the desire to become a TravelHost Owner, not to worry. TravelHost provides you with a first year launch plan, called First Year Experience (FYE) for new Owners to ensure your success. The FYE platform provides you with a detailed, relevant and timely self-paced process to quickly create a solid customer base and the best, most profitable publication for travelers, diners, and vacationers in your market.

Becoming an independent, TravelHost Owner and Publisher is one of the most affordable businesses you can step into. TravelHost is not a franchise, so TravelHost Owners pay no royalty and have complete control of their business, working when and where they choose.

As the most widely read travel magazine in the U.S., TravelHost introduces vacationers and business travelers to local places to visit, stay, eat, shop, play, and have fun. And with 10 million unique monthly readers nationwide, that’s an impressive audience.

TravelHost also has 35,000 individual hotels as a daily distribution and over 10,000 active local advertisers. These numbers represent the pervasive reach of TravelHost.  With the all-inclusive production support you’ll have, you’ll have time to focus on growing your business, selling advertising, building business relationships, and improving the local travel and tourism industry in your city.

Gain the independence you desire and have the freedom to focus on a business you’ll love. growing a substantial personal income while having more time to enjoy it. Contact TravelHost today and get started!

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Jason Bahamundi

VP Sales and Marketing at TravelHost
I have spent my entire career in the multi-media industry with experience in broadcast/cable TV, Radio, Print and Digital. Developing and executing a marketing strategy is my passion, but not my only passion as evidenced by my Instagram page. I love cooking and fueling my body for endurance sports through a plant-based diet. When I am not working on multi-media marketing, swimming, biking, running and cooking I can be found sharing laughs with my wife and step-son.

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