DALLAS, TX – August 15, 2019 TravelHost is now serving travelers and advertisers in the Kansas City area with Maria Andrew as Publisher. The addition of Travel Host of Kansas City is part of an aggressive expansion into key North American destinations. As a local TravelHost owner, Maria is responsible for all marketing, sales, and content for the in-room Kansas City TravelHost magazine, the mobile-friendly website, and on various social channels.

“Maria brings experience, local connections and a track record of success to TravelHost,” said William Schroeder, TravelHost President, and CEO. “As a former school teacher, Maria has all the right skills and training to be a successful business owner while serving travelers in Kansas City.”

“TravelHost reaches travelers in a variety of distribution mediums – in their rooms, online, and on their mobile phones. As Publisher of Travel Host Kansas City, I can offer local businesses access to travelers eager to discover new places to eat, shop, play and stay,” said Andrew. “I’m excited to bring TravelHost to Kansas City!”

“Since 1967, TravelHost has been expanding its reach by identifying those people who wish to be travel ambassadors within their local marketplace,” said Schroeder. “With a trusted, recognized brand and the latest in print and mobile marketing technology, TravelHost offers the best entrepreneurial opportunity for publishers and top sales executives to enjoy freedom, flexibility and the financial advantages of owning their own business.”

For first-time entrepreneurs, TravelHost allows you to build your own successful business in travel media. Marketing pros who love the independence of making their own decisions and running their own business, find that TravelHost provides a full menu of personalized tools, assistance, and support. TravelHost owners are actively involved in their communities with their established relationships with local businesses and their association memberships within the travel and hospitality industries.



TravelHost is the “Premier Destination Resource” for anyone looking to make the most out of their travel adventures. Found nationally in hotel rooms, online and thru a variety of social channels, TravelHost serves more than 100 million travelers per year. TravelHost is the trusted traveler’s guide to unique business establishments offering dining, shopping, entertainment and accommodations in over 175 cities throughout the U.S.

Visit www.travelhost.com to book your next trip and discover those businesses specifically “serving travelers,” along with exploring extraordinary events and travel offerings. TravelHost offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to be your own boss – the driving force behind the sales and marketing of a proven product in an exclusive, protected territory. Take the first step toward a rewarding career and independence as a local TravelHost owner by visiting https://ipublish.travelhost.com/


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Jason Bahamundi

VP Sales and Marketing at TravelHost
I have spent my entire career in the multi-media industry with experience in broadcast/cable TV, Radio, Print and Digital. Developing and executing a marketing strategy is my passion, but not my only passion as evidenced by my Instagram page. I love cooking and fueling my body for endurance sports through a plant-based diet. When I am not working on multi-media marketing, swimming, biking, running and cooking I can be found sharing laughs with my wife and step-son.

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