Most teachers got involved in teaching for the right reasons; helping kids to learn and the love of teaching. Too often the reality is that teaching is harder than it has to be, not financially rewarding,  the kids are not prepared, school administrators are unrealistic, your efforts are underappreciated and the parents….oh the parents!

Where does a teacher turn when they have “had enough!?”  What if there was an easy career transition that is fun, rewarding and where you could earn average of 162% increase?

TravelHost is a perfectly suited for teachers in career transition.  Teachers have all the qualities of a successful business owners, including the ability to develop relationships, dedication, preparation and ability to meet the unique needs of the communities they serve.

Check out this story from “We are teachers” about “Why teachers quit.” Does any of it sound familiar?

As a TravelHost business owner, you have complete control over your own schedule, determine the amount of money you make and can be a full part of your families life.

To learn more about the TravelHost business ownership opportunity Register Here to be part of our next live GrowTH Webinar at 3:00 CST, Thursday August 15.

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Jason Bahamundi

VP Sales and Marketing at TravelHost
I have spent my entire career in the multi-media industry with experience in broadcast/cable TV, Radio, Print and Digital. Developing and executing a marketing strategy is my passion, but not my only passion as evidenced by my Instagram page. I love cooking and fueling my body for endurance sports through a plant-based diet. When I am not working on multi-media marketing, swimming, biking, running and cooking I can be found sharing laughs with my wife and step-son.

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