10 am – “Ugh, 6 hours left in the workday.”

12 noon – “Lunchtime, cool beans. Four hours to go. I can do this.”

3 pm – “It’s the home stretch. One hour to go before I’m outta here!”

3:15 pm – “Oh, come on!! It’s clearly been more than 15 minutes since I last checked the clock.”

3:16 pm – “I wonder if the batteries in this clock need changing?”

4:00 pm – “Hooray!! Monday is over. Just four more days until the weekend!”

Does this scenario sound somewhat familiar to you?

Constantly checking the clock at work and counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until you leave for the day?

If so, you’re not alone. Millions of talented Americans are stuck in dead-end and unfulfilling jobs. Maybe you’re just realizing the career path you chose isn’t allowing you to use your talents as you’d like. Perhaps you’re just over it and want something more exciting.

Right now, you’re at a crossroads in your life. You know that for whatever reason, you don’t like your job. You basically have two options:

  1. Tell yourself “it’s not so bad” and just trudge forward and onwards in the rat race. Maybe you’ll win the lottery one day?
  2. Make a conscious decision that you’re going to immediately start researching how you can get out of this dead-end job and into something better and more fulfilling—such as to start a business.

Why Start a Business?

While there are many different reasons why people start their own businesses, the common factor is that they want more control over their lives. We do what we have to do in life to get by. But that doesn’t mean we were born to slave away for corporate America in a cubicle for 40 years.

Starting a new business is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things a person can do in their professional career. You’re in control. You reap the benefits of your hard work. There is no limit to the heights and success that you can achieve.

Here are three great reasons as to why you should give serious consideration to starting your own business:

You Alone Benefit from Your Hard Work

Have you ever stopped to think how much money you make your current 9-5 employer on an annual basis? But no matter how hard you work, how great you are at your job, the most you get is a “Great job!” from your boss every now and then?

When you own your own business, YOU are the sole recipient of the benefits of YOUR hard work.

Think back to the last big account you landed, or cost-savings measure you implemented. You probably made the owner of the company you work for tens of thousands of dollars—or even more.

Did they share any of that windfall with you?


As a business owner, you’re in control of your schedule. No more boring meetings. No more having to attend a mandatory company luncheon to celebrate the birthday of Bill in accounting.

Once your business is firmly established and mature, you’ll enjoy even more flexibility and independence as you can afford to hire others to work for you. That means more personal time to spend with friends and family members as your business is on auto-pilot.

There is a very bright light that awaits you at the end of the proverbial tunnel when you work for yourself.

Unlimited Upward Mobility

There’s a thing in corporate life called the “Peter Principle.” It states that a person will rise through their hierarchical ranks of an organization until they reach a level of respective incompetence.

It means that no matter how hard you work, no matter how much you cozy up to the boss, the chances of you getting into upper management are slim-to-none.

There is no limit when you own the company that you work for.

The Next Steps

There are many other reasons why people start a business. More money, greater control over their lives, and unlimited personal fulfillment await those in life who have had enough of their dead-end job and want to move forward in a direction that benefits them.

TravelHost is a business opportunity that’s ideal for sales reps, teachers, or anyone in corporate America who is fed up and wants to better themselves.

You’re reading this blog post because you know there is a better path forward in life. You know deep down inside that if you were given just one chance, you would take it, hit a homerun, and make it a massive success.

If you’re looking for an exciting career change that will reward you for the amount of effort that you put in, check out the advantages of becoming a TravelHost Owner.

To learn more about this fantastic business opportunity, contact the TravelHost New Business Development Department at (972) 556-0541 or click here to get started.

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