When you’re at a crossroads at your job, making the decision to change career direction to business owner can be challenging; but in the long run it can be extremely rewarding.

Maybe you’ve been considering jumping off the corporate ship and changing careers; or, at least changing your work environment. You’re a proven sales pro, so you feel confident that reinventing yourself is not a far reach. Each day you think about a change; one that will give you more flexibility and more freedom to do the things you love. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur at heart.

It could be things are a bit shaky at work. Business is so-so, but it should be better than it is now. There are rumors of downsizing and possible employee voluntary buyouts.

Hmmm …

Making a career decision is never completely easy, but oftentimes it’s the proverbial closing of one door that opens a new one. And it should be comforting to know that you do have options. Let’s look at a couple of scenarios.

Scenario One

You decide to part company with your present employer, so you submit your resignation letter. You’ve talked it over with your better half; checked on your savings; looked over your 40l(k); and decided to take a couple of months off to clear your head and decide what you want to do next.

Great! Take a much-needed break and breathe. Look around for what you would like to do. Your next best adventure is out there. You just have to find it. Maybe you’d like to be a business owner.

Scenario Two

Your company is scaling back and offering voluntary buyouts and early retirement packages. Since you’re not ready for early retirement, the voluntary buyout is an option. The package may contain salary and benefit components, or it might be a lump sum.

Either way, this could be a kickstart for you to move on into something of your own — become an entrepreneur in your own business. But what? The good part of this scenario is that the voluntary buyout could provide enough funding (and then some) to move forward into becoming a proud business owner.

So there you go.  Two possibilities which both require a deep breath and a dose of self-confidence, which you already have. You’re a proven sales pro. You love interacting with people. And you do want more control of your end game so you and your family can retire in comfort. Taking the right step to making this happen is important, so what’s next. Are you ready to become a business owner?

If you love travel and the travel industry, you love selling, and you’re a natural people-person, you are probably an ideal candidate for becoming a TravelHost Owner / Publisher. This is the opportunity for fun and freedom you’ve been wanting.

TravelHost® is a network of independent entrepreneurs known as TravelHost Owners. These are sales and marketing pros who love the independence of making their own decisions and running their own business. These are people actively involved in their communities through people they know, with local businesses and business relationships, and they enjoy the  travel and hospitality industries.

TravelHost is the most widely read travel magazine in the U.S. and is the media of choice for thousands of advertisers. TravelHost Owners are provided with a system of comprehensive, behind-the-scenes support in print, digital/social advertising, and media. TravelHost Owners introduce vacationers and business travelers to local places within the city the know and love, so travelers know where to visit, stay, eat, shop, play, and have fun!

And you will love this part. TravelHost is a low investment business opportunity for advertising/media sales pros and independent home-based entrepreneurs. (That voluntary buyout comes in handy). These energetic people love what they do and call the shots running their own business.

As a TravelHost Owner, you have the time and freedom to focus on selling and growing your business. This is a sure way toward substantial personal income that will more than guarantee control of your end game and your retirement just the way you’ve always dreamed.