It’s really more about hard work and perseverance that brings success and less about secrets, but women in business who reach their success goals have several things in common.

Successful women in business share a set of common behaviors. Whether entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, or presidents, they understand the basics as being able to focus, delegate, take risks, and have a great sponsor. But beyond the basics are other characteristics that speak volumes about women who succeed. Here are five strong, enduring attributes that successful women share in reaching their goals.

Pursue Your Passion

Pursue what interests you most; what you love to do. Even if you’re in the minority in your company, like many women before you, be true to your dream. Follow the path you care about and what fuels the fire of your own mind. You will, no doubt, encounter the occasional fragile ego where current players might feel threatened by you. That’s the time to believe most in yourself and pursue your passion.

Learn to Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Along with success comes the inescapable knowledge that you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Your love for what you’re doing will see you through. Think of your moments of discomfort or lacking in confidence as the price you pay for achieving greater levels of success.

Be Confident and Share Your Opinions

When you speak the truth from a position of authority you have conquered a huge challenge to success. Tough conversations, heated debates, and challenges to your position become easier to manage. You will eventually develop your own ‘communication style’ which will let you, more confidently, share your ideas.

Don’t Just Blend In — Stand Out

True leaders and achievers do just that. They lead to achieve. Blending in with the status quo will not give you the spotlight or help you to stand out. The thing you’re most passionate about will rise to the top and you will be seen and heard.

Don’t Chase the Dollars

If you’re following your passion, don’t worry about chasing the money. Financial success is a natural byproduct of deeply committed achievers. Work hard at what you love and enjoy doing. Follow your own path, share and collaborate with other achievers, men and women, and stay focused on the big picture of yourself as one of many women who own their own business.

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