If Your Job Suddenly Was For Sale, Would You Buy It?

Every day we make investments. We invest in homes, cars, 401k, health care, relationships…etc. If your boss offered your job as an investment opportunity,  would you buy it? Would you pay a premium for your job, ask for a healthy discount or run away as fast as you could?

As a TravelHost business owner, every day is a future investment; an investment in yourself. As a business owner, you own your own time, you invest in your financial future and you build equity in a tangible business that you can pull dividends or decide to sell when your time is correct.

TravelHost helps you to build your future investment and vision (and yes, you keep all the money) all while having financial freedom and complete control of your own time. Check out this video from Entrepreneur and see how you compare to people investing in themselves:

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Jason Bahamundi

VP Sales and Marketing at TravelHost
I have spent my entire career in the multi-media industry with experience in broadcast/cable TV, Radio, Print and Digital. Developing and executing a marketing strategy is my passion, but not my only passion as evidenced by my Instagram page. I love cooking and fueling my body for endurance sports through a plant-based diet. When I am not working on multi-media marketing, swimming, biking, running and cooking I can be found sharing laughs with my wife and step-son.

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