TravelHost has been proven highly successful in several markets throughout the U.S. We have identified Boise, Idaho, as a city that has the potential to be a great market. It’s one of the fastest-growing cities, and the high quality of life constantly makes top 10 lists year after year.

People from all over the country are flocking to the City of Trees, known for its relatively low cost of living and easy access to many outdoor activities. Tourism makes up the third largest industry in the state, and 2017 it took in over 3.7 billion dollars. In 2018, over 4.7 million people passed through the Boise airport—this figure doesn’t include car and RV travelers from the nearby states of Utah, Nevada, and Colorado.

These big numbers indicate that Boise is a prime market for a TravelHost Owner. As a Boise resident, you love the Treasure Valley and know all of the hidden gems and treasures that make this city such an amazing place to live—and do business.

We’re currently looking for a TravelHost Owner to head up the Boise area. If you’re interested in claiming this protected territory, we have identified five potential businesses in the Boise area that can help jump-start your successful TravelHost Owner business:

Bogus Basin

Located just a 30-minute drive from Downtown Boise, Bogus Basin is a popular year-round attraction for many Treasure Valley residents. In the wintertime, it’s packed with skiers and snowboarders, and during the summertime, mountain bikers and hikers take advantage of the miles of scenic trails and beautiful views of the valley below.

Bogus Basin has also opened up several new off-season activities, such as rock climbing, gold panning, summer tubing, and a bungee trampoline. People come to Idaho for the wealth of outdoor recreational activities, and Bogus Basin is one of the most popular and easily accessible ones nearby.

Boise Green Bike

The 25-mile long Boise Greenbelt is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Starting near Barber Park and terminating in Garden City, the paved trail meanders alongside the famous Boise river with some of the best scenic views in town.

Boise Green Bike is a great way for travelers to the area to experience the wonders of the Greenbelt while getting some fresh air and exercise. The bikes are parked in strategic locations throughout the downtown area and can be easily rented via their smartphone app.

The Village at Meridian

Located in the nearby city of Meridian, The Village is a modern outdoor mall filled with stores, restaurants, and places for entertainment. In addition to the usual big box stores you’d come to expect, there are also many other local businesses such as property management, home title, underwriters, and even a high-end jewelry store.

Considering how many visitors to Boise are scoping it out in advance of a future move, it makes good sense for a TravelHost Owner to find local realtors and other companies that can assist in the home buying or apartment renting process.

Wahooz Family Fun Zone

Wahooz Family Fun Zone is another Meridian hot spot where traveling families can take their kids for hours of fun and entertainment. Laser tag, wall climbing, bumper cars, and a bowling alley are just a few of the many attractions that make this place so popular.

While the older kids are floating down the Boise River during the hot summer days, Mom and Dad can take the younger kids to the water park at Wahooz for hours of supervised—and safe—fun.

Treefort Music Fest

Treefort Music Fest is a Boise-only music festival that some have described as “what the blueprint for all music festivals should be like.” Held every March in Downtown Boise, Treefort is a Pacific Northwest favorite. Unlike other music festivals, this is a come-as-you-are, family-friendly kind of event where everyone is welcomed with open arms.

Treefort is comprised of multiple forts, that feature a film festival, comedians, and even a gallery for artists. It’s the event of the year to celebrate the return of spring and all things creative. Thousands of travelers pass through Boise airport as they make their way into the many hotels in the downtown area, and as a TravelHost Owner, this is a prime opportunity to show them your city as you help drive traffic to local businesses.

Zoo Boise & Aquarium of Boise

Whether it’s feeding the giraffes or watching the monkeys perform their antics, Zoo Boise is home to exotic animals from all corners of the planet. Located within a few minutes’ walk of most downtown hotels, it’s the perfect place for travelers to spend a few hours during the day.

On the other end of town is the Aquarium of Boise, another popular tourist destination. Sharks, turtles, and colorful reef fish greet each visitor as they meander through the complex. There’s also an aviary and sunken ship to explore.

Local attractions like the zoo and aquarium can significantly benefit from advertising with TravelHost—as Boise is considered to be a family town. These two places are an excellent way for parents in land-locked Boise to introduce their children to the wonders of the natural world.


Wanted: Boise TravelHost Owner

We’re currently looking for the right person to head up the protected Boise TravelHost territory. As an owner, you know and love this amazing city and can expose travelers to the hidden treasures while helping drive new traffic to local businesses.

If you’re a resident of Boise, Meridian, Eagle, or any of the other cities in the Treasure Valley area and are interested in this one-of-a-kind business opportunity, give us call today at (972) 556-0541 or click here to get started.

TravelHost Owner Boise Idaho

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