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Minneapolis may be the most underestimated city in the United States. Most people think cold when it comes to this city, but while there is snow and cold temperatures there is also art, culture, food scene, riverfront skyline, professional sports and one of the best park systems in the nation.

Minneapolis has a major airport in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport that is connected to the Mall of America in downtown by a light rail. Delta Air Lines has a hub in Minneapolis so there are plenty of flights coming and going for the 33+ millions visitors to the region. Here are few other stats that will make you scratch your head and think: Why have I not been to Minneapolis:

  • More golfers per capita than any other state
  • 8 miles of climate controlled skyways
  • Least amount of weather-related delays among all airports
  • New and updated sports and entertainment venues

TravelHost has identified Minneapolis as a thriving city with untapped potential as a prime market for TravelHost Owners.

The metro population of Minneapolis is approximately 422,000, with a median age of 32. It’s a friendly city where people are willing to offer a warm welcome, and help guide you so that your stay there is unlike any other city you’ve visited .

Eat and Drink As If You’ve Lived There Your Whole Life

The Minneapolis food scene is extensive and runs the gamut from American to French Bistro to Vegan to Italian café and everything in between. There is also the opportunity to be impressed by the drinks that are flowing in Minneapolis as well. Have a craving for an Old Fashioned or an ice cream float, you’ll find it in Minneapolis.

Somali / Middle Eastern – Head to Hamdi Restaurant if you are in the mood for authentic Somali and Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurant has been around for 25 years and in their current location on Lake Street for about half that time. Visitors can choose from goat, steak, chicken or salmon as well as fava bean soup or hummus.

Latin America – Venezuelan-style stuffed arepas are the dish of choice at Hola Arepa along with other Latin American-influenced small plates. What started in a food truck in 2011 moved to a brick and mortar restaurant in 2014 but the food didn’t change. The food is made from scratch and can be enjoyed from Tuesday through Sunday along with various cocktails including sangria.

Pizza – Where else can you find pizza that was developed by a Korean immigrant in a restaurant named after that immigrant’s dog? We’ll say nowhere but you can find it in Minneapolis at Pizzeria Lola. An artisan pizza menu that includes choices from Korean BBQ (of course!) to a breakfast style option in the Sunnyside as well as the Boise that includes potatoes. Deserts and drinks are also on the menu.

Vegan – The Herbivorous Butcher is the go-to spot for vegan cuisine. The restaurant was founded by a brother-sister duo and specializes in meat-free meats and cheese-free cheese. You can find their food truck in Minneapolis as well as shop online for their fantastic eats.

Craft Beer – You’re serious about beer but don’t take yourself too seriously? If you said yes to that question then head to Bauhaus Brew Labs where everybody is welcome and they mean everybody. Kids, dogs and adults alike can visit the taproom and enjoy a craft beer (not the kids1) or a kombucha or craft soda.

Distillery – Looking to enjoy the best of spirits? Tattersall has you covered. You can choose from rye whiskey, vodka, gin, brandy or rum in their cocktail room that is open Wednesday through Sunday with happy hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 6pm to 8pm. They also have food trucks on premise during certain days so check out their events calendar for that as well.

Wine – If beer and spirits aren’t for you but you’ll happily enjoy a glass of wine with friends, Minneapolis has the place for you. Grab a group of your friends and visit Beaujo’s Wine Bar & Bistro. It’s a neighborhood restaurant that has 30 wines to choose from and are available by the glass, half-glass, flight or bottle. Take a moment to step back from technology and enjoy your time with friends, wine, food and dessert at this cozy restaurant and wine bar.

Stay Active All Year Long

Visitors and locals will be able to keep themselves occupied all year long, if they choose, because of the number of events happening in Minneapolis. The artists, creators and musicians will put on exhibits and concerts while the athletes will be performing at one of the stadiums in the area. If you want to enjoy the outdoors on your own then check out the running and bike paths that can be found throughout the area.

With something happening all year long you will not get bored. Visit during various seasons and take in the different options that are available to you.

You Could be the Exclusive TravelHost Owner for Minneapolis

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TravelHost Focus Spotlight: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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