Strong Economy. Low Cost of Living. Young Families. Western Heritage.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has transformed over the last 20 years becoming more cosmopolitan in style and attitude. You can still find lots of cowboy history, festivals, horse shows, and museums. And in the Stockyards City district, you can still outfit yourself in everything from boots, belts and buckles, complete with horse saddle, rope, and yes, even a 10-gallon hat.

But, OKC might surprise you with its high end and expansive list of restaurants and entertainment venues. An influx of younger residents has infused the region with a much more energetic, creative and progressive attitude. Once an early-to-bed, meat-and-potatoes kind of city, Oklahoma City today is alive and well into the early hours of the morning. TravelHost has identified Oklahoma City as a thriving city with untapped potential as a prime market for TravelHost Owners.

The metro population of OKS is approximately 1,400,000, with a median age of 35. It’s a friendly city where people are willing to offer a warm welcome, ever aware that their region is really a small town at heart.

With an unemployment rate of only 3.3 percent and the average annual salary about $47,000, Oklahoma City offers opportunity at every turn. What’s the weather like in Oklahoma City, OK?

The Diverse People of OKC

Because there’s more to do and see in OKC than there was 20 years ago, people of many economic and cultural backgrounds have moved here. The Heritage Hills and Crown Heights historic districts are popular with those who appreciate vintage architecture and charm, while the growing number of apartments and townhomes in Midtown and Deep Deuce attract many singles and young professionals because of their proximity to downtown employers and entertainment venues. The city is surrounded by family-friendly suburban communities, where streets are lined with single-family homes.

OKC’s diverse population includes people from Latin America, Asia, Europe, and other countries. Restaurants, shops, and supermarkets abound throughout the various communities.

Where to Discover New Cuisine

Authentic Mexican    Distinguishing between tacos and “gringo” tacos is important. There are restaurants in abundance that will cater to more of the “gringo” style, but La Michoacana Meat Market is about as authentic Mexican as it gets. Pay for as many $2 tacos as you want at the register—they’ll just ask “corn or flour?”—and then take your receipt to the ladies behind the lunch counter. Choose from barbacoa, carnitas, fresh-made chicharrones, salsa verde beef, and a dozen other varieties. It’s not Tex-Mex, so don’t waste time looking for free chips and salsa.

Indian / Pakistani    Sheesh Mahal specializes in food that comes from the border of India and Pakistan. It’s also 100 percent halal. They will start you with free mint tea, and then the food will arrive. The butter chicken is a local favorite, and if you really are adventurous, you can get goat karahi or mutton korma. Some days it’s goat, and some days it’s sheep, so you might ask first. There are so many new dishes at Sheesh Mahal that half the fun is exploring the region via food.

Ethiopian   One of the best tactile dining experiences is Ethiopian food, as most of it is done with your hands. Queen of Sheba serves dinner only, and the menu includes a delicious selection of meat and vegetarian dishes, especially wat, an Ethiopian stew that can be mild or spicy according to your preference. They will serve it on injera, sourdough flatbread that serves both as plate and utensil. In other words, they’ll pile the stew on top of the bread, and you simply tear off other pieces of injera to pick up the food. It’s not just fun; it’s delicious.

Colombian    Authentic Colombian food in the heart of Oklahoma City is one of our city’s best-kept culinary secrets. El Fogon de Edgar is located in an old house, but don’t let the exterior fool you; the food is stellar. Start with empanadas—Colombian style means they’re made with cornmeal instead of flour—and ask for plenty of aji, a spicy, green salsa made from aji peppers. The beef dishes are slow-cooked, so whether you opt for sobrebarriga or carne asada, you’re going to get meat you can cut easily with a fork. There are plenty of vegetarian options on the menu, as well as more classic fare like arroz con pollo.

Sights and Sounds Around Town

Oklahoma City residents enjoy a vibrant arts culture, with attractions such as the Museum of Art and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

The annual Festival of the Arts in downtown Oklahoma City draws thousands of visitors and is one of the metro area’s signature events. Popular festivals include the monthly H&8th Night Market, a street fair featuring live music and Oklahoma City’s impressive fleet of food trucks; the Plaza District Festival, which celebrates the ongoing revitalization of this popular neighborhood; and the annual Oklahoma Regatta Festival, a four-day boating event in Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District.

Careers, Jobs, and Opportunities

Opportunities abound in Oklahoma City for those seeking careers in energy, aviation and health care, as well as for skilled industrial workers, such as machinists, pipe fitters and welders. Tinker Air Force Base in nearby Midwest City is Oklahoma’s largest single-site employer, with more than 30,000 active-duty, reserve and civilian personnel. The installation’s annual statewide economic impact of more than $3.9 billion supports more than 32,000 secondary jobs.

AT&T, Hobby Lobby, Mercy Health Center, Devon Energy, Sonic Corp. and the Federal Aviation Administration are among the metro area’s largest employers. The average salary is a bit lower compared with the national average, but the lower cost of living compensates for it.

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You Could be the Exclusive TravelHost Owner for Oklahoma City

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TravelHost Business Opportunity Spotlight Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Source: Flickr: Automobile Alley in Oklahoma City

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