You can be a top talent sales professional, but if you don’t believe in what you’re selling, success will be hard won.

People have always said you’re a natural and that you could sell refrigerators to Eskimos. You have a knack for connecting with people; inspiring an ordinary conversation, opening opportunities to get to know people better and ultimately making the sale. Excellent characteristics, unless…… you’re stuck in a sales position selling something you don’t believe in, you don’t like, or you simply cannot get motivated to sell it.

What a travesty that natural talent such as keen sales insight should be wasted. How does it happen that people get stuck in lackluster jobs? There are many reasons: loyalty to a company or brand; being the main family breadwinner; waiting too long to find it easy to change; and the list goes on.

But, what if you found a positive, plausible way to change careers (still in sales), but you would enjoy being a business owner, excited about building a business of your own?

TravelHost Owners have many stories to tell about how life-changing it was for them when they became an independent business owner in the travel / tourism industry. Guided by the expertise of TravelHost, here’s a sampling of what they do and what you, too, could be doing.

As a TravelHost Owner / Publisher, you would be responsible for print advertising sales in the widely-read TravelHost Magazine. This is the publication that appears in hotels, inns, travel agencies, restaurants, shops, and many other places. This would be your publication for your specific location, with your customers’ ads in it. You see, the city or town that you represent is yours exclusively. That means you have no competition within that area. You are the only TravelHost Owner / Publisher for your city.

Everything you need to know is covered thoroughly in the TravelHost First Year Experience (FYE) training program. You will have a TravelHost go-to expert every step of the way, not to mention, other business owners you can contact, chat with, and share stories and ask questions.

TravelHost is not a new kid on the block. We’ve been in business for more than 50 years and we’re still growing. Travelers from across the country rely on TravelHost Magazine.  It’s also the preferred media choice for thousands of advertisers — from local businesses to Fortune 500 giants, seeking to attract the traveling consumer.

As a TravelHost Owner / Publisher, you will connect with your local community and businesses, hoteliers, restaurant and shop owners, and other businesses interested in getting more customers through their front door. That’s part of what makes your job so easy — these businesses want what you’re selling. It’s not a tough sell, and it can be a very lucrative, recurring sell, which usually becomes a solid business relationship.

The freedom you’ll have working from wherever you choose with more time to call your own will astound you.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the decision to work with TravelHost sooner.

Take the next step and contact us to find out what you’re missing. Isn’t it time to use that 5-star sales expertise in a way that rewards you on your terms?