The TravelHost Focus Spotlight Des Moines shines on this mid-west city as we highlight the many opportunities an owner has to make this market and protected-territory a shining star in the TravelHost Owner network. We’ll provide you with some of the stats that make Des Moines stand out and then we’ll give you a few examples of the types of businesses that benefit from having a TravelHost owner in the market.

2019 Rankings:

  • U.S. News & World Report named Des Moines the #5 Best Place to Live in the U.S. (April 9,
  • U.S. News & World Report named Des Moines the #3 Best Affordable Place to Live in the U.S. (April 9,
  • Des Moines named as one of the 5 Presidential Campaign Stops That Are Also Awesome Places to Live (March 25, com)
  • #10 on Best State Capitals to Live in (February 19, com)
  • Top 7 Most Recession-Proof Cities in the U.S. (January 22, com)

The rankings tell one part of the story about why Des Moines is in the TravelHost Focus Spotlight. Other portions of the story are that Des Moines International Airport is only 4 miles from downtown and that Des Moines International Airport offers direct flights from 22 destinations with more than 90 daily flights and 8,600 daily seats. There are 13,000+ hotel rooms and over 1,000 locally-owned restaurants.

The big picture is clear, but you may ask yourself: What businesses would benefit from advertising with TravelHost Des Moines and we want to provide you with a few examples of the businesses that travelers are looking for as they create lasting memories of their trip to Des Moines.


Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

You read that correctly. Zombie Burger + Drink Lab is famous for its inventive flavor combos and while bringing your food to you quickly. Zombie Burger has its own custom three-cut beef burger blend and a specially crafted artisan bun meaning you will not find anything like this anywhere else which leads to a unique dining experience found only in Des Moines. Or exactly what travelers are looking for. Be sure visit the Zombie Burger + Drink Lab in Des Moines’ Historic East Village or the Zombie Burger + Shake Lab in the Jordan Creek Mall located in West Des Moines.


Funky Finds Vintage & Retro

If you’re in Des Moines and need to get that one of a kind gift that dates back to the 1950’s through 1970’s then head to Funky Finds Vintage & Retro in downtown Des Moines’ Western Gateway on 18th and Grand Avenue. On their two floors, you’ll find mid-century clothing, furniture, record albums, electronics, cameras, household décor and more.


Iowa Hall of Pride

The Iowa Hall of Pride is located in downtown Des Moines and is just a short walk from the Des Moines River and Wells Fargo Arena. What will you find at the Iowa Hall of Pride? You’ll find an interactive celebration to all things Iowa. Stories about great Iowans from the fields of sport, stage and as ambassadors of their communities, come to life. There is a game room where guests can test their skills in football, basketball, virtual soccer and more.


Des Lux Hotel

You will have plenty of choices for where to stay during your visit to Des Moines, but there are none quite like the Des Lux Hotel. This boutique hotel is filled with premiere indulgences. Their 51 guest rooms and suites are all lavishly decorated and provide luxurious accommodations. After you’ve put your bags in the room and just before you explore downtown Des Moines, stop in the Des Lux Bar for one of their iconic martinis and an intimate dinner. The next morning you can treat yourself to a made-to-order hot breakfast and if you’re interested in a workout then visit their Fitness Center. There you can use a full array of equipment, sauna, steam room, whirlpool and shower before heading back out to enjoy downtown Des Moines.

Des Moines, Iowa has everything the TravelHost Owner needs to run a successful business. Plenty of attractions, dining options, recreation and shopping for guests to enjoy plus it is a destination for millions of people looking for a hyperlocal experience. Des Moines, Iowa is in the Travelhost Focus Spotlight and for good reason.

Wanted: Des Moines, Iowa TravelHost Owner

Are you ready to share Des Moines, Iowa with tourists and travelers? Does owning your own business and supporting your community sound like a bright future for you? If you answered yes to those questions, then give us call today at (972) 556-0541 or click here to get started. A 10 minute conversation may change your future as you decide if you’re the local owner that knows and love this amazing city and can expose travelers to the hidden treasures while helping drive new traffic to local businesses.


TravelHost Focus Spotlight Des Moines Iowa

Image by Tony Walker from Pixabay

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