The TravelHost Focus Spotlight shines on San Diego, California and it’s not just because the weather is perfect year-round, although it is. The spotlight is on San Diego because of the tourism industry and its impact on San Diego and San Diegans as well as those unique places that those visiting the area will not know about.

Let’s get the stats out of the way first:

  • The visitor industry employs directly and indirectly 194,000 San Diegans.
  • Visitors spend nearly $11.5 billion annually.
  • San Diego hosts nearly 35.8 million visitors each year, and is a top U.S. travel destination.
  • The tourism industry generates $940 million annually in state and local transient occupancy, sales, and property taxes.
  • Number of hotel rooms in San Diego County: 62,590
  • Number of golf courses: 83
  • Number of Gaming Casinos: 12
  • Number of Craft Breweries: 157

The numbers indicate that owning a TravelHost business in San Diego but you may ask yourself who benefits from you owning the protected territory of San Diego. The answer is: travelers will know where those unique places, which only the locals go to, are. The hotels benefit as they have a free in-room amenity for their guests which will enhance their stay. The local businesses that are featured in the magazine, online and through social media as they attract guests that are from out of town and may not know about their existence. Here are a few examples of the latter.


Osteria Panevino

The Gaslamp District of San Diego is well known and Osteria Panevino is where you’ll want to eat when you visit the area. The restaurant features a wide variety of authentic Italian dishes along with a full service bar. They serve lunch and dinner 7 days a week along with Happy Hour every day from 4pm to 6pm. Osteria Panevino isn’t just another Italian restaurant but a restaurant that has earned multiple awards for its dishes. Visit this restaurant during your visit and ensure that your trip to San Diego and the Gaslamp District is memorable for a long time.


Everyday California

The name alone should get you to visit this store in La Jolla, but if that isn’t enough rest assured that your ability to shop or take in an adventure is. Everyday California has men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel plus accessories and headwear to help you remember your trip. They also offer eco-friendly kayak tours, surf lessons, snorkel tours and stand-up paddle board lessons. A trip to San Diego isn’t complete without a visit to Everyday California.


Forgotten Barrel Winery

Yes, California has different wine regions besides the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. In San Diego you can visit a number of wineries, including Forgotten Barrel Winery. Owner, Rodger Grove, purchased the winery in 2016 and began renovations in 2017 and opened the tasting room in June of 2017. Guests can go on a walking tour of the grounds and historic buildings and wrap up the trip with a visit to the tasting room. Forgotten Barrel Winery is open Thursday through Sunday and offers memberships to their wine club.


The Keating Hotel

Looking for something unique and historic during your stay in San Diego? Look no further than The Keating Hotel in the Gaslamp District. The Keating, designed by Pininfarina the team that behind Maserati and Ferrari, is in a reimagined 13o-year-old landmark building and offers 35 lofts and suites. These accommodations are intimate while also within walking distance of Petco Park and San Diego Harbor. Check out their website for various offers and packages before you book your trip.

San Diego, California has everything the TravelHost Owner needs to be successful including a robust travel and tourism industry, unique places to eat, shop, play and stay plus fantastic weather all year round. This protected-territory provides visitors, hotels and business owners an opportunity to make lifelong memories and the TravelHost Owner will be there to help.

Wanted: San Diego, California TravelHost Owner

San Diego, California is ready for the next TravelHost Owner and we are asking the question: Is that you? Do you like the idea of supporting your community and having your business focus on that concept? Are you proud of the hidden gems that San Diego has and want to share that with guests to the area?

If you answered yes to those questions, then give us call today at (972) 556-0541 or click here to get started. A 10 minute conversation may change your future as you decide if you’re the local owner that knows and love this amazing city and can expose travelers to the hidden treasures while helping drive new traffic to local businesses.


TravelHost Focus Spotlight: San Diego, California

Image by sanguin2 from Pixabay

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