Owning your own business is not a far-fetched pipe dream. In fact, there are millions of small business owners who enjoy the freedom and independence entrepreneurs enjoy.

From coffee shops to corner bakeries, there are roughly 30.2 million small businesses in America, says the Small Business Administration. That amounts to 99.9 percent of all U.S. businesses!

And if you think entrepreneurship is only for the young, think again. Statistics show that American small business owners are 50.3 years old, on average. Entrepreneurs in the construction industry are the youngest, at 48.3 years, on average. Financial, insurance and real estate professionals are the oldest, at 54.1 years.

While entrepreneurs may not all be high rollers, (although plenty of them do become independently wealthy), they have a median annual income ranging from $23,000 to $51,000.

So if you’re thinking seriously about becoming a business owner, consider the advantages of becoming a TravelHost Publisher / Owner.

Who are TravelHost Business Owners?

TravelHost Business Owners come from a wide variety of backgrounds, yet all share some common traits: they are goal-oriented, entrepreneurial individuals with a successful business background, optimistic outlook, and knowledge of their local community.

Since your revenues are generated through advertising sales and sales promotions, direct experience in B2B sales and marketing is highly beneficial, but it isn’t necessary to have experience in publishing, graphic design or layout. TravelHost will help you with that.

Once you have met with us at TravelHost Headquarters in Dallas and signed the necessary paperwork, you are then introduced to the TravelHost publication process. You will become familiar with the publisher network best practices and other industry standards to help launch the development of your local business operation.

You will learn how to submit materials for inclusion in TravelHost Magazine and other specialty publications, as well as the TravelHost website.

Your TravelHost Sales Territory

Some operating territories become available from time to time; however, in most cases, you would be starting in an area not served by a TravelHost publication. TravelHost has identified a number of targeted cities and expansion territories based on the concentration of hotels, attractions and other travel amenities. To determine if your desired area is available, please contact the TravelHost Business Development office at 972-556-0541.

What is the Business Model of TravelHost?

TravelHost is a distributorship and does not function as a franchise or typical merchandising business opportunity. While the publication format, submission guidelines and non-local content are determined by TravelHost, our business ownership opportunity gives you wide latitude and autonomy over your own local and independent business operations.

TravelHost will assist you with strategy and concepts in the event that you encounter issues obtaining distribution with a particular business or merchant.  However, it is ultimately your responsibility, as the business owner and publisher, to secure advertisers and distribution locations.

The good news is that you do not have to compete with other TravelHost owners. You own a protected territory and have exclusivity as the “Travel Ambassador” within your area, so no worries about other sales reps working against you.

TravelHost has identified its protected territories to include a combination of these success indicators — organized transportation infrastructure, regional airport, state or federal government operations, recognized business center, colleges and universities, and active tourism.

A Proud History

TravelHost has been in business for more than 52 years, with hundred of business owners who have thrived in their own publishing / sales business. When you become the next TravelHost Publisher / Owner you’ll have access to the network of successful entrepreneurs.

Take the next step that could ensure a career of independence, tremendous earning potential, and freedom to call your own shots. Contact TravelHost today.


TravelHost Publisher Owner Market Opportunity

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