The TravelHost Focus Spotlight is on Baltimore, Maryland for various reasons including the beautiful waterfront, US history and a thriving arts and culture scene. The city a variety of unique neighborhoods that run the gamut from historic to hip to trendy. Find stories from the past, great food or fantastic things to do in each one of these areas and create memorable experiences.

In 2019, Baltimore welcomed nearly 27 million people who spent nearly $6.0B and both numbers are an increase from 2017. There were 16 million day visitors and 10.7 million overnight visitors who spent on average 2.4 night in Charm City.

Tourism benefits the residents of Baltimore and that can be seen by the number of jobs that are sustained, both directly and indirectly, by tourism. That number of jobs is 86,000+ and the impact on state and local taxes is also measureable. Without the taxes generate by tourism, taxes paid by each Baltimore household would increase by $697. It is obvious that travel and tourism have a major impact on the city of Baltimore and why TravelHost has chosen to focus the spotlight on this city.

As a TravelHost owner you’ll be responsible for helping business and leisure travelers find the most unique places to each, shop, play and stay during their time in the city. This means being able to direct them to the hole-in-the-wall that only locals know about or the store to buy unique to Baltimore memorabilia or clothing. Here are some examples of those places that a TravelHost Owner in Baltimore can help travelers to the city discover and create memories.


The Food Market

Walk into The Food Market on “The Ave.” in Hampden and be prepared to enjoy a meal made from ingredients that you’ll be able to recognize. Little plates include cream of crab soup or salt & pepper tuna. Choose from what the restaurant calls small or big with options such as roasted Brussel ceaser or the roasted beef short rib. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert, and coffee. The Food Market also has brunch and happy hour.



At Trohv, you’ll find treasures (see what we did there?) but seriously, Trohv is an independently owned shop featuring home goods and gifts. Originally opened in 2006 as Red Tree and renamed Trohv in 2011 you can find unique items to remember your visit to Baltimore at this store in the Hampden neighborhood. Find items as gifts for friends and family that you will not be able to find anywhere else and don’t forget to get something for yourself.


Star Spangled Banner Flag House

If you’re looking for something enjoyable for the entire family then head over to the Star Spangled Banner Flag House in historic Jonestown. You’ll be able to learn about the woman, Mary Pickersgill, who made the flag that inspired the National Anthem of the United States. Beyond that you’ll learn about life in the 19th Century as the museum has retained much of its original character. There are interactive activities and special programs offered throughout the year that you will want to take advantage of during your visit to Baltimore.


Lord Baltimore Hotel

Conveniently located in the transportation center of Baltimore, the Lord Baltimore Hotel has the best of downtown outside its doorstep. The lobby greets its guests with a grand piano, classic oil painting, polished brass and an award-winning vaulted fresco ceiling with a Murano glass chandelier. After standing in awe in the lobby, you’ll make your way to one of the guest rooms and suites that is a merger of Old World charm and elegance with modern touches. And don’t worry about leaving your pet at home, the Lord Baltimore Hotel is pet-friendly.

Baltimore, Maryland has an international airport, major sports teams, cuisine for everybody and much more. With a wide range of attractions and shopping plus an ability to visit Washington, DC for a day trip, Charm City is ready for the next TravelHost Owner

Wanted: Baltimore, Maryland TravelHost Owner

Baltimore, Maryland has everything a TravelHost Owner would want in a market except you? Does the idea of supporting your community and having your business focus on that concept make you excited? Are you proud of the hidden gems that Baltimore has and want to share that with guests to the area? Are you ready to be a travel ambassador and showcase Baltimore through The Premier Destination Resource?

If you answered yes to those questions, then give us call today at (972) 556-0541 or click here to get started. A 10 minute conversation may change your future as you decide if you’re the local owner that knows and love this amazing city and can expose travelers to the hidden treasures while helping drive new traffic to local businesses.


TravelHost Focus Spotlight Business Ownership Baltimore, Maryland

Image by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay

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