Inspiration is the fuel that motivates achievers. Where they find that valuable energy is an enlightening story of individuality.

There are as many different answers to that question as there are the many different types of entrepreneurs. But one consistent trait seems to run throughout the entrepreneurial consciousness — independence.

Entrepreneurs are a breed apart in the first place, so the things or people that inspire them are wonderfully diverse. Here’s a sampling of what some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs say gets them motivated and moving forward.

  • Passionate people – It’s no surprise that entrepreneurs who are passionate about their work should be inspired by other like-minded passionate people. Mentors and role models play a significant part in what they do.
  • New opportunities – Independent self-starters thrive on new opportunities and are on the lookout for the next ‘big thing’. They are inspired by people who think this way.
  • Audacious ideas – A motivated entrepreneur sees endless possibilities, so an idea that might seem cheeky to some is only an inspiration to them.
  • Getting involved in the community – The movers and shakers who get things done are heavily invested in making their communities better. Successful entrepreneurs in this category know the hard work pays off.
  • Empowering others – How enriching it can be to empower others to achieve and what an inspiration these people are to others who seek a similar path.
  • Change – Ah, yes, the inevitable is embraced by challenge-loving entrepreneurs who see a better way and want to take on the challenge of change.
  • People who lead with both intelligence and humility – Entrepreneurs who want to make a difference are inspired by leaders with smarts and a humble way of getting things done.
  • Courage and friendship – Being an entrepreneur takes courage and successful people know this. They also value the support of friends.
  • Travel – Freedom-loving entrepreneurs are inspired by travel because they learn so much more about themselves as they experience new cultures and people.
  • Honest customer feedback – It’s so refreshing to know how customers truly feel about your service or business. It inspires growth and respect.
  • Fortitude of men and women who came before – So much can be gained by the stories of men and women throughout history who have conquered challenges and held fast to overcome great odds.
  • Making women’s lives easier – Both men and women entrepreneurs are inspired by ways to help make life easier and more productive for those who seek it.
  • Working to making the world better – Inspiration to simply make the world better should be valued and revered. Altruism is not always an easy mantle to carry.
  • The power of nature – Entrepreneurs who are inspired by nature find a never-ending journey as they discover other people who are equally inspired by Mother Earth.

Whatever it may be that inspires an entrepreneur, one thing rings true. These are people who embrace life, love independence, and look for a path of their own to follow.

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