It was Theodore Roosevelt that said “When you play, play hard. When you work, don’t play at all.” To me, this quote aligns with the belief that many experts have about work. How you spend your downtime significantly impacts your performance at work. Some companies, such as Google, have already implemented downtime into the schedules of most employees during the work day. If you do not work for one of those companies or you are self-employed, there are still several practices that you can put into place on a regular basis that will help you recharge while you are not working.

One of the most important things you can do outside of work is spend time with people you love. Family and friends are your biggest supporters, and in many ways, you might not be where you are without them. It can be more difficult to devote as much time to family and friends than it used to be, but using some of your downtime to catch up and show that you care can make all the difference. One of the places that you can spend time with family and friends is outside. Spending time outdoors and enjoying what nature has to offer is not only physically healthy, but mentally healthy as well. Take a hike, bike ride, or even a drive through the mountains to enjoy the view. More than likely, there is a park of some kind in your area. Take advantage of it!

Having a creative activity outside of work is crucial. Some people would call a passion like this a hobby. If you have experience with an instrument, use that experience! Playing or listening to music can be incredibly therapeutic. If you have a passion or talent for art of some kind, start taking some time to fill your home office walls with some work of your own. If you have constant thoughts about a passion of yours flowing through your head, why not write them down and create a blog? (Blogs also have potential for monetization, but we will discuss that in another article.) Many people have a passion for helping others. If that is you, then use this creativity you possess to participate in a philanthropic activity! Volunteering to help a group you particularly care about or used to be a part of yourself gives a reward that you cannot put a price on, and provides service to someone who needs it all at the same time. It creates a symbiotic relationship that neither party will forget.

Sometimes, adding some spontaneity to your life can make all the difference. It is not difficult to get stuck with the same routine every week, but this can become monotonous and get old very quickly. Throwing in a Friday night show or a weekend trip out of the blue every now and then will spice up your routine. This will also be great practice for making quick decisions in a professional environment. Traveling in general is a fantastic opportunity to build entrepreneurial spirit. While it can be expensive, traveling can be just as educational as it can be fun. Trying a new restaurant or different experience in a city you have not visited before is a great way to learn and have an exciting experience. Traveling can also give you an opportunity to see how other businesses operate, and perhaps even create a bit of professional envy. Taking ideas that you see in other cities, whether it be the layout of a business, advertising ideas, or how someone decorated the outside of their home can be worthwhile.

There are countless ways to build entrepreneurship and increase your productivity in the workplace, out of the workplace. Spending time with family and friends, spending time outdoors, having a creative passion or hobby, volunteering, traveling, and adding some spontaneity to your life can make a larger impact on your professional life than you would think.


Activities Outside Of Business Help Build Entrepreneurship

See the world and build your business at the same time.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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Jordan Clark