The Frequently Asked Questions on Owning a TravelHost Publishing Business

I’m interested in being my own boss – how do I get started?





Being a TravelHost® Publisher offers an opportunity to be your own boss as an entrepreneur – the driving force behind the sales and marketing of a proven product in an exclusive, protected territory.


We want each TravelHost Publisher to be a success story and enjoy a long, mutually prosperous relationship – as we have since 1967. Because TravelHost is a valuable brand, candidates for ownership must first be approved and selected for their desired territory.

Prospective Publishers have many questions – here is what most people want to know. When you are ready to take the next step, give us a call at (460) 299-5430 x101 or click here.



What type of background, experiences and capabilities are required to be a TravelHost Publisher?


TravelHost Publishers have a wide variety of backgrounds, yet all share some common traits: they are goal-oriented, entrepreneurial individuals with a successful business background, optimistic outlook, and knowledge of their local community.


Since your revenues are generated through advertising sales and sales promotions, direct experience in B2B sales and marketing is highly beneficial. It is not necessary to have experience in publishing, graphic design or layout – TravelHost will help you with that!

I hear that print is declining and everything is digital. Is that true?

TravelHost has successfully married print and digital to deliver the best of both worlds to the advertising community.  The best way to promote any business is to use different, yet complimentary, media to reach a specific audience.  TravelHost Publishers find that our unique in hotel room publication, combined with our digital platforms, are the best way to connect local businesses with travelers.  Finding the right balance between different media should result in increased sales and new customers.

If accepted as a TravelHost Publisher, what is the next step?

We want your business to be successful as soon as possible! Upon consummation of the Agreements, new Publishers are introduced to the TravelHost publication process, Publisher network best practices and typical industry practices to help launch the development of their local business operation.

New Publishers are introduced to the TravelHost publication process, including how to submit materials for inclusion in TravelHost Magazine, other specialty publications, and on the TravelHost website.

Is additional training available?


One of the benefits of having an exclusive territory is that you aren’t competing with your fellow TravelHost Publishers. TravelHost actively shares best practices from other Publishers, as well as the latest industry practices in sales and advertising. We offer classes sharing best practices of the TravelHost network of Publishers on topics such as selling techniques, how to identify and approach target advertisers, collections, and design layout. TravelHost does not, however, provide significant training or assistance regarding the Publisher’s method of operation of its own local business.


Will I need to find a printer for my publication?


Through a national contracting effort, TravelHost corporate arranges for and manages the printing and binding of all publications. By combining all of our printing needs in one resource, we are able to provide the highest quality printing at an affordable cost. With the exception of the cost for shipping the publications, the publishing price paid to TravelHost is all-inclusive.

Can I be a TravelHost Publisher and work at home?

One of the best ongoing benefits of being a TravelHost publisher is the low overhead required. Most of your business is conducted at your clients’ offices or over the phone. No specific facilities are required by TravelHost, and, beyond the typical business office equipment (computer with high speed Internet access, printer, etc.), no special equipment is needed.

Can I work part-time as a TravelHost Publisher?

While you will control your own destiny and be your own boss, being a TravelHost Publisher is not an armchair investment.

Ultimately, all revenues are derived from advertising sales generated by you, the Publisher. Each market will have its unique selling opportunities as well as different rate cards but in the end, as with any business, financial success is primarily dependent upon the individual efforts and advertising sales/business management skills of each Publisher. As a result, TravelHost cannot and does not make any representations regarding income or profit potential.

Would I be buying an established business or developing my own?

Some operating territories may be available from time to time. In most cases, however, the new Publisher will be starting in an area not currently served by a TravelHost publication. TravelHost has identified a number of targeted cities and expansion territories based on the concentration of hotels, attractions and other travel amenities. To determine if your desired area may still be available, please contact the TravelHost Business Development office at 972-556-0541.

Is the TravelHost relationship a franchise?

TravelHost is a distributorship and does not function as a franchise or typical merchandising business opportunity.

How much control will I have over my business?

While the publication format, submission guidelines and non-local content are determined by TravelHost, each Publisher is given wide latitude and autonomy over its own local and independent business operations.

Can I sell my business and transfer my contractual rights?


Just as we carefully select new Publishers to protect the valuable TravelHost brand and set the conditions for mutual success, TravelHost Publishers may sell their business and transfer their contractual rights subject to the approval of the transferee by TravelHost. As with any other independent business, each Publisher is responsible for establishing its own price/terms and negotiating directly with any prospective purchaser. Upon request, TravelHost will assist in locating prospects.


Does TravelHost secure advertising accounts or distribution outlets?


While TravelHost will attempt to assist in the event that a Publisher encounters issues obtaining distribution with a particular lodging establishment or needs help in overcoming an objection of a particular retailer, it is ultimately the responsibility of each Publisher to secure advertisers and distribution locations.

Will I have to compete with other Publisher/Owners within my designated territory?

No, TravelHost has a 1:1 ratio of owner to protected territory. YOU will be the exclusive travel ambassador within your marketplace. No need to worry about other sales reps working against you. TravelHost has identified its protected territories to contain a combination of the following success indicators—organized transportation infrastructure, regional airport, state or federal government operations, recognized business center, colleges and universities and natural tourism.

Call us at (469) 299-5430 x101 to set up a chat with a TravelHost Business Development Professional to evaluate your first steps towards taking control over your life and being part of one of the biggest leaders in the travel and tourism industry.


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