How to Finance Your New Business

There are financial providers who have been helping entrepreneurs successfully launch their own business for years, with proven and innovative strategies. They offer comprehensive suites of funding options covering nearly every type of business situation. Each provider has a team of consultants ready to help you determine your needs for your new, independent business.

Here are samples of assets or options that you may already have to help finance your new business.

401(k) / IRA Rollover Funding

This program allows you to use the funds in your retirement plan to purchase, or expand your TravelHost business, tax deferred, and penalty free.

SBA Loans

A government backed loan, secured with personal collateral, offering competitive interest rates. This program has been specifically customized for our TravelHost Owners.

Securities Backed Loans

A line of bank credit that is backed by securities held in an investment portfolio. By utilizing this type of credit, cash needs are acquired without disrupting investments, investment strategies or asset allocation

Merchant Cash Advance

Provides fast working capital by taking an advance from future credit card sales.  Unlike a loan, it does not require any collateral or personal guarantee, and you don’t have to pay any interest.

Equipment Leasing

Allows you to acquire assets or capital equipment, such as computer equipment, company vehicles, or service equipment.

Conventional Business Loans

Includes fixed or variable rate financing options.

Unsecured Business Loans

Little or no collateral to qualify for a loan to help finance a new business.

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