What Makes an Ideal Owner?

Ideal TravelHost Owner

The ideal TravelHost Owner is a person who has a passion for running their own business. It’s the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to take control over their future and have an unlimited income potential.

Unlike other businesses where you have to start from scratch, the power and trusted reputation of the TravelHost brand has been around since 1967. Your job is to sell advertising and acquire new customers for your own protected territory.

If you’re wondering “Is this right for me?” here are a few personal qualities that other successful TravelHost Owners tend to have in common:

Strong Work Ethic and People Skills

While owning your own business does provide the freedom and flexibility to choose the hours that you work, you ultimately get out of it what you put in. This means you need to be active in your community by networking and building professional relationships with businesses who can benefit from advertising with TravelHost.

While having an extroverted personality helps tremendously, even introverts can do well. The key to success is getting out into your community, meeting new people, attending local events, and taking the time to understand the marketing challenges of local businesses and how you can help them.

Understanding of Advertising and Media

The key to success in sales is having an understanding of advertising and media. You’ll not only be working with the TravelHost print magazine, but various online channels such as emails, websites, and social media. While a strong sales background can help, it’s not a requirement.

Maria is one of our newest Owners, and she left her day job as a schoolteacher to take over the Kansas City territory. We worked closely with her, got her up to speed, and showed her how to educate prospective clients on the benefits of travelers to their business.

Devotion to Your Local TravelHost Business

A strong devotion to your local TravelHost business is a critical element of success. Your job is to help local businesses drive new sales and foot traffic through their front doors by selling them advertising in the TravelHost magazine and your local TravelHost website.

TravelHost Headquarters takes an active interest in your business and success. We will provide you with an unparalleled First-Year Experience (FYE) onboarding and launch plan—this includes the tools, advice, and assistance that you need to succeed.

We will help lay the foundation in easy-to-follow steps that will get you started. We are here for you every step of the way and will mentor and monitor your progress as you grow your business.

Knowledge of Travel and Tourism in Your Community

TravelHost Owners understand travel and tourism to their area. Having knowledge of seasonality, events, and local destinations will allow you to better promote yourself and help businesses and travelers alike.

The people who read the TravelHost magazine and visit your website are reliant upon your local expertise. They’re looking to have a great experience when visiting your area—whether it’s the best steakhouse to eat at or luxury hotel to spend a relaxing weekend—you’re the local travel ambassador of your area.

Must LOVE Sales

TravelHost Owners who have seen the most success over the years all have one thing in common: they love sales. You’ll need to get out there and build relationships and use your people and sales skills to identify which businesses are a good match and will benefit most from advertising with TravelHost.

As with any sales job, there will be times when you get rejected. An ideal TravelHost Owner realizes that “no” only means that the potential customer doesn’t have enough information to make an informed decision. An understanding of sales can also help you quickly identify and land customers who are more like to say “Yes!”

TravelHost Headquarters works closely with all of our Owners and will provide the sales training and support that you need for your continued success. Our open-door policy means that we’re available anytime you have a question or need advice.

The Ideal TravelHost Owner

Lastly, the ideal TravelHost Owner will be financially in a position to put down $50k to own your own protected territory. This provides you with a geographical area where you are not in direct competition with other TravelHost Owners. You’re investing in a commitment that can pay off greatly in the long term.

If you think you have what it takes to take the reins and start building a vast travel advertising empire in your local area, we’d like to speak with you.

Call us at (469) 299-5430 x101 to set up a chat with a TravelHost Business Development Professional to evaluate your first steps towards taking control over your life and being part of one of the biggest leaders in the travel and tourism industry.


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