The TravelHost Owner’s Journey

What’s the first thing you do when planning a trip? You decide where you want to go. It’s no different than when you realize that you want to go into business for yourself.

Acknowledging that you want the freedom and resources that come with being an entrepreneurial business owner is an all-important step one. And with TravelHost, you’ll quickly discover that being a TravelHost Business Owner is not a job, but rather a journey of life-changing experiences and abundant rewards.

  • When you embark on your TravelHost Journey we can host you virtually via Zoom or Google Meet, or you can come to Dallas, Texas, for a “Day of Discovery” at our headquarters. Learning the ease and simplicity of TravelHost operations will inspire you. You will have an exclusive territory of your own which means nobody else can sell TravelHost advertising in your territory.
  • Next, our onboarding process will point you in the direction you need to get started with access to our FYE, First Year Experience, outlining best practices and steps you need to take during that important, exciting first year as a TravelHost Business Owner.
  • After that, you’ll be given the tools you need such as business cards, media kits, advertising agreements and other materials to kick start your new role as a Travel Ambassador in your community.

Your local merchants and businesses want what you have to sell, but they may not fully realize the power behind it. Part of your role is to help educate the hoteliers, restaurant owners, and other businesses who will benefit from travelers and visitors, who spend about 30 percent more than locals.

TravelHost provides some of the most robust print and digital advertising solutions available, resulting in the hugely popular TravelHost Magazine where your customers’ ads will be showcased. And the simple fact that more than 10 million people a year read this magazine gives you an idea of how powerful and far-reaching it is.

As a new TravelHost Business Owner you are selling advertising to customers who want and need it, and you are also building strong relationships that will grow and replicate as you develop your business.

Call us at (469) 299-5430 x101 to set up a chat with a TravelHost Business Development Professional to evaluate your first steps towards taking control over your life and being part of one of the biggest leaders in the travel and tourism industry.


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