The TravelHost Community Advantage

I have been with TravelHost for 13 years and I am seen as a leader in the community and a leader in tourism. Once I got involved in the community, I started to get leads and now most of the people I serve with are my clients and most importantly my friends. This would not have happened unless I got involved in the community that I love.

Eli Mertens

Publisher, TravelHost of Lexington/Bluegrass

TravelHost is the perfect business opportunity for motivated entrepreneurs who want to be their own boss while taking charge of their financial security.

TravelHost allows you the freedom and flexibility to own your own business and be in control of your future. As an independent business owner, you will be able to balance your family and your career earning a solid extra income.

As a TravelHost publisher, you will launch yourself directly into one of the nation’s leading industries…travel and tourism… where you enjoy an independent lifestyle and recognition that comes with being your community’s travel ambassador.

When you love your community and actively get to know the people who live there; get involved and begin participating in local business events; and take part in neighborhood activities and issues, you set an important principle in motion. What you put into it becomes a cascade of rewards that grow and flourish year after year.

That’s what Eli Mertens experienced when he made the smart decision to leave the corporate world behind and become a TravelHost Owner / Publisher in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky.


After 13 years with TravelHost, Eli will be the first to tell you that his business success didn’t just happen overnight. It actually took off in a huge way once he got more involved in the  local community and became better acquainted with the people. He met new friends, established new business contacts, and soon became known as the ‘go-to-guy’ for everything travel and tourism related.

Well-known now as a TravelHost Owner / Publisher people seek him out to buy an ad in his TravelHost magazine. He’s become a VIP in Lexington and with his TravelHost business resources he and his wife were able to move into their dream home complete  with a fishing pier right off his backyard. That’s where he takes calls sometimes while he’s fishing, getting calls from customers wanting to buy ad space in his next TravelHost publication.

But the real beauty of how community involvement pays you back is the fun you have meeting new people, making new friends, expanding your sphere of influence, then seeing that circle back and become new business relationships and customers. Once people realize the power of TravelHost magazine and how it generates new interest in the local hotels, restaurants, shops, and other businesses, the people you meet transform into trusted, return customers who serve as a foundation to your lucrative TravelHost Publishing business.

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