The TravelHost Approach to Flexibility

TravelHost is an extraordinary business opportunity that I could do myself and be an entrepreneur. If I could have started earlier I would have because TravelHost gives me the freedom and flexibility that I was looking for.

Jim Jackman

Publisher, TravelHost of Denver/Pikes Peak

TravelHost is the perfect business opportunity for motivated entrepreneurs who want to be their own boss while taking charge of their financial security.

TravelHost allows you the freedom and flexibility to own your own business and be in control of your future. As an independent business owner, you will be able to balance your family and your career earning a solid extra income.

As a TravelHost publisher, you will launch yourself directly into one of the nation’s leading industries…travel and tourism… where you enjoy an independent lifestyle and recognition that comes with being your community’s travel ambassador.

Flexibility is something most everyone would love to have more of in their work / life balance. To be flexible is to be adaptable and pliable without exhausting your resources. But when you juggle work, family, travel, children, sometimes continuing  or special education, and more, how do you find the flexibility to manage it all and still have enough energy to even get up in the morning?

Jim Jackman, TravelHost Owner / Publisher of Denver and the Pike’s Peak region discovered the perfect solution to add more flexibility to his life. The excitement of being in business for himself after 16 years in radio was the result of TravelHost. Jim loves TravelHost because he has the flexibility to run his own business, get out and meet people in the community, make new friends who usually become new customers, and still have time for family, hobbies, new adventures, and travel.


Flexibility is one of the strongest benefits of TravelHost that appeals to independent-minded entrepreneurial business owners. It allows you to manage your personal life while enjoying the fun of having your own business.

Working moms and single parents love the flexibility that TravelHost ownership affords. They are able to earn the income they need and still work without imposing time constraints on their family and children. If anything, being a TravelHost Owner / Publisher actually gives you much more free time and flexibility. Sales pros who have a penchant for travel find being a TravelHost owner the most flexible job they’ve ever had, especially those who come from a corporate background.

Financial freedom is more important than ever nowadays and managing the work / life balance while you earn a healthy income makes life better for everyone. Empty-nesters also gravitate to the TravelHost Business Owner / Publisher opportunity because of the powerful flexibility. They have time to earn but also personal time to enjoy the rewards of the business.

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